What content wows financial audiences?

Earlier this month, we asked senior financial services marketing leaders how their strategies are changing in 2023. One early takeaway from the Infopro Digital 2023 Financial Services Marketing Pulse survey is this:

65% of respondents told us ‘Creating content that appeals to our target audience’ is the number one challenge they face.

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Why do you need a B2B content strategy?

An effective strategy will help you to target potential customers and key decision makers directly, generate leads in a cost-effective way, and maximise the reach and impact of each piece of content.

The strategy should also include key goals and KPIs to track its success and allow for it to be adapted over time.

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Marketing content

How to nurture new and existing clients using content

For any business, nurturing relationships with new and existing clients should be a top priority. 

After all, the customer experience doesn’t end when the client makes a purchase. Instead, your ultimate goal should be to create loyal, long-term clients who will keep coming back to your business. An effective content strategy can not only help to generate leads, inspire action and acquire customers, but it also helps to nurture and expand new and existing relationships in line with your business goals. 

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Using marketing content to generate leads

Creating valuable marketing content can not only help you to attract leads but it can also help you to expand your reach, enhance your reputation, and set your business aside from your competitors.

But how can you use marketing content to generate leads? We’ve created a helpful guide outlining everything you need to know.

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How thought leadership content can take your brand to the next level

Thought leadership content has a huge impact on brand perception, inspiring action and optimising credibility and, ultimately, compelling decision makers to take action.

Thought leadership can also form the basis of a successful content marketing strategy, providing unique value, building trust, and leveraging potential perspectives.

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Increasing customer interactions through content

Customer engagement is integral to building a loyal following, generating sales and raising awareness of your products and services.

In fact, customer interactions are one of the most important parts of the buying cycle, especially when it comes to increasing customer conversion rates.

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