MSCI – Risk in investment series

MSCI and Risk Case Study

Case study: MSCI – Risk in investment series


The challenge


MSCI is a leading provider of critical decision support tools and services for the global investment community. In its mission to raise awareness around its expertise and capabilities for risk management with asset managers and hedge funds, MSCI approached us to develop an innovative, evidence-based thought leadership campaign targeting buy-side institutions in the US and Europe.

What we did

Coinciding with the high-profile relaunch and expansion of’s investment coverage, the Ignite team designed and launched a quantitative survey exploring the evolving role of risk in the development of factor-based and ESG investment strategies. Backed by qualitative interviews with senior executives from leading asset managers, the research highlights the regional variations and contrasting views of risk managers and portfolio managers in these firms, providing a series of useful talking points to spark conversation among MSCI’s key audience groups.

The resulting insights and content assets, comprising a long-form survey report, summary infographic and podcast interview, were published in an ‘immersive’ digital storytelling format, breaking new ground for audiences, and providing a fitting environment to reinforce MSCI’s reputation for technological innovation. The narrative theme of ‘accelerating risk to drive performance’ is brought to life in an impactful ‘Formula One’ themed concept and design, with animated charts, graphics, icons and illustrations to capture and maintain attention.

Ignite - MSCI - Case study content collage


Supported by a targeted marketing campaign across’s media channels, including digital advertising, newsletters and social channels, the immersive report and associated content generated record page views and high engagement, with an average time on page of over 14 minutes for the report.

Following the success of the campaign, MSCI is continuing to work with Infopro Ignite on a range of initiatives.